Paper Calc Office


PaperCalc Office, for the iPhone. The perfect 'Calculator' upgrade. Large keys, four standard operators, as well as %, √ and 1/x. Swipe left for a full-screen view of the paper tape. Touch and move Paper Calc Office's LCD display for bigger keys or to see more paper tape. Don't like the keyboard layout? It's easy to make and save your own.

You can even email calculations to your friends, or print with an Apple Airprint supported printer.

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Check your history

The 250 line scrollable paper tape will make your life easier. Check the accuracy of your numbers, look at old calculations. Even bring an old result into your current calculation.

Get a hard copy two different ways

Want a printout of your paper tape for your files or reference? Paper Calc Office will send an email or print directly to any Apple supported Airprint printer. To print, just make sure your device is running iOS4.2.1 or later

A keyboard is a very personal thing

Want a double-sized '+' key, or the √ in a different spot? Use Paper Calc' Office's keyboard editor to lay it out the way you've always wanted.

See numbers differently

Why not look at numbers the way you want to see them? Select from three formats right on the main keyboard. Balancing a checkbook? Select fix.2. Need the √ of 2? Select float or eng^3.

Check out our latest office calculator

Paper Calc Office includes an evaluation version of our latest calculator called '✓ Accountant Calc'. It's easy to access, but it won't get in the way of Paper Calc Office. Just touch the 'i' (info) key and select '✓ Accountant Calc Lite'. You may find it the perfect companion for invoicing, balancing checkbooks, or helping you do your taxes.



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  • Large, easy to use keys.
  • Review your calculations in the 250 line virtual paper tape.
  • The perfect 'Calculator' replacement. Four functions plus %, √, 1/x.
  • Email, or print.


  • iPhone, iPod/Touch with iOS3.1 or greater.
  • Print with iOS4.2.1 with any Apple supported Airprint printers.