10 Key iPad





10 Key for iPad is our premiere adding machine calculator for Accountants and CPAs. Designed to behave the same as a '10 Key' adding machine; but there is so much more. Edit mistakes, name & save paper tapes for later use. Add comments to any line. Export a PDF file to iBooks, Dropbox, Email, or your favorite printing utility.

10 Key 1:1's keypad, as the name would imply, is an exact 1:1 scale duplicate too. Adjust position and size of the keypad. Rotate the tablet to optimize for left or right handed entry, and take advantage of audio cues to touch-type.

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Full size (1:1) keypad

10 Key's full-size keypad includes 3D scupted buttons that act (and bounce) just like the real thing.

Right side operator entry

If you're an Accountant or a CPA you know what that means. A '10 Key' calculator sequences a number followed by an operator (+-/x). Also, the mixing of + - with x /, and the use of a % key are structured similarly as well.

Mistakes happen

How many times have you added a long column of numbers only to find a mistake? With '10 Key', fix it with a touch of a line and an edit. Do about anything you want including changing operators, and adding or deleting lines as needed. Old printing calculators will never be adequate again.

Add comments to any line

Take commenting and notation to a new level with full alphanumeric comments. Notation is no longer limited to the old cryptic #/♢ notation.

Save files

We put in a sophisticated, but simple to use file system so you can manage, save, delete and open all your calculating tasks. Save invoices in progress, update expense reports, or come back to the long column of checks that your were adding at a later time.

Check your history

The 400 line scrollable paper tape will make your life easier. Check the accuracy of your numbers, look at old calculations. Even bring an old result into your current calculation

Export a PDF file to iBooks, Dropbox, Email, or your favorite printing utility

Want a printout of your paper tape for your files or reference? 10 Key for iPad will export a PDF to the iOS pasteboard, email, or your favorite printing utility. Or you can print directly. Just make sure your device is running iOS4.2.1 or later

Select a TOTAL ( '*' ) key on the left ot right side

Depending on how and when you were first introduced to a '10 key', the TOTAL key ( '*' ) was either left or right sided. It's easy to configure '10 Key for iPad' to either configuration.



10 Key for iPad

Available at the App Store


  • Full size reproduction of a 10 key adding machine.
  • 400 Lines of virtual paper tape for review and edit.
  • Add comments to any line.
  • Export a PDF file to iBooks, Dropbox, Email, or your favorite printing utility
  • Save files for later reference of edit.
  • Swipe left for full screen paper tape view.


  • iPad with iOS3.2 or greater.
  • Print with iOS4.2.1 with any Apple supported Airprint printers.