10 Key - v2.1 intro

10 Key v3.1

Thank you for the many emails and comments. We have responded with a major upgrade to '10 Key' as follows:

  1. iPad
    1. TypeTone - a major innovation to aid accurate key entry. Audio feedback varies depending on where you touch a key.
    2. Lock landscape mode to either left or right handed.
    3. Choice of 2 sound volumes.
  2. iPad & iPhone/Touch
    1. Add comments to any line
    2. Place the Total Key ( '*' ) on the left or right side of the display.


TypeTone (iPad only)

Introducing TypeTone. A major innovation for touch-typing on a flat-screen display. With TypeTone every key will play a warning tone if touched too close to its outer edge. Select from one of two feedback methods.

Access TypeTone by touching the 'gear' icon key and selecting 'TypeTone Sound'.

Left or Right Handed Lock (iPad only)

Our customers loved the left and right handed keyboards in landscpae mode, but wanted a way to lock the keypad to one or the other. Now you can!

Touch the 'gear' icon key and select 'Left or Right Handed' to make your choice.

2x Sound Volume (iPad only)

v3.1 now ships with a choice of the original volume sound or a x2 volume setting for noisier environments.

Touch the right arrow head, and select x2 volume option on the options page.

10 Key Operation

Full support for the following types of adding machine mixed operation:

  • add percentage of stream to stream & continue
  • add mul/div sequence to an add/sub stream & continue
  • add number plus percent of number and continue

Please email with enhancement requests. Examples would be greatly appreciated as well.

Add comments to any line

We received many emails requesting full alphanumeric comments on any line and we have responded!

'10 Key' already supports the traditional #/♢ notation, but it is easy now to add full alphanumeric notation on any line