Fare Share


Fare Share will split a meal check fairly with all your friends. It's an amazingly intuitive tool with an individual calculator for each person's meal. It will automatically calculate each person's correct sales tax, tip, and a total. Then, email the breakdown and even include a photo of the receipt if your device is camera enabled. Splitting the check just became a lot more fun and less painful too.

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Fare Share - more than a simple tip calculator

In the old days, figuring out each person's share of the check could take forever.....and don't forget sales tax and tip either! Fare Share quickly solves the problem for you. Use the built in calculator to enter each person's meal,  dial in a tip percent and sales tax, and Fare Share will calculate a correct total for each person.

What could be easier?

  Two calculators in one

OK. So there are times when you may not want to split the check  fairly (like with your Boss). So there's a regular tip calculator too. Just start a new session and choose the Even Split option, enter a few numbers,  and Fare Share will split the check equally amongst all.

Save the results

Sometimes you just need to save what you've done and come back to it later. Fare Share has a sophisticated, but easy to use file system that lets you manage your saved meals. You can save, rename, open and delete. And the photo of the check will be saved too.

Need a receipt for each of your friends?

Fred and Abby each needed receipts for work so Fare Share was used to photograph the receipt and email it with the meal breakdown.

Sometimes you need illumination

Fare Share packs a full-screen flashlight good enough to read the fine print on the menu in those dark mysterious venues and see the bill at the end of the meal.


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  • Split a check fairly with all your friends
  • Two tip calculators in one (fare share and even split)
  • Send an email of the meal with a photo receipt (if your device is camera enabled).
  • Save, rename, delete and open meal records for additional receipts or history.
  • Flashlight included.


  • Fare Share will run with the iPhone or iPod/Touch with iOS3.1 or greater.
  • To send photo receipts your device must be camera enabled.