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✓ Accountant for the iPad is a sophisticated calculator for adding columns of numbers but with amazing improvements. With ✓ Accountant for the iPad you can edit mistakes like fixing a number, changing an operator, or adding or deleting a line. Want to come back to a calculation later?  Paper tapes can be saved, renamed, opened, and deleted, and you can export a PDF file to iBooks, Dropbox, Email, or your favorite printing utility. Accountant can be one of the most useful productivity tools you install on your iPad!

This is also the place to tell you about our full-size '10 Key' calculator for CPA's and Accountants on the iPad called '10 Key for iPad'. Find it here.

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A free chaining single-column calculator

✓ Accountant Calc is the perfect everyday calculator to calculate and manipulate a single column of numbers. It is perfect for mixing +-x/√1/x% operators without limitation. Its simplicity is also its power, because sometimes trigonometric equations and brackets are just too much.

 Check your history

The 350 line scrollable paper tape will make your life easier. Check the accuracy of your numbers, look at old calculations. Even bring an old result into your current calculation.

Mistakes happen

How many times have you added a long column of numbers only to find a mistake? With ✓ Accountant Calc, fix it with a touch of a line, an edit, and an exit. Do about anything you want including changing operators, and adding or deleting lines as needed. We don't think old time printing calculator's will ever be adequate again.

Add comments to any line

Take commenting and notation to a new level with full alphanumeric comments. Your paper tapes can become important documents for customers, or later reference.

Save files

We put in a sophisticated, but simple to use file system so you can manage, save, delete and open all your calculating tasks. Save invoices in progress, update expense reports, or come back to the long column of checks that your were adding at a later time.

Export a PDF file to iBooks, Dropbox, Email, or your favorite printing utility

Want a printout of your paper tape for your files or reference? ✓ Accountant Calc will export a PDF to the iOS pasteboard, email, or your favorite printing utility. Or you can print directly. Just make sure your device is running iOS4.2.1 or later.



Available at the App Store


  • Single column adding calculator
  • Fix mistakes, add/delete lines.
  • Add comments to any line.
  • 350 line history tape
  • Save files, rename, delete, open
  • Export a PDF file to iBooks, Dropbox, Email, or your favorite printing utility
  • √, 1/x and % keys
  • Not a 10 Key! See our 10 Key product for the iPad here.



  • iPad with iOS4.2 or greater.
  • Print with iOS4.2.1 with any Apple supported Airprint printers.