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Basic Troubleshooting

Try following these steps if you are having a problem with one of Interlocken's Mobile Applications:

  1. View the App Video
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  2. Restart your device.
    Many issues can often be resolved with this simple step.
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Where are the scientific & options views?
Paper Calc has two views to the left and right of the main keypad. If you touch and slide the keypad from left-to-right you will get to the scientific keypad. If you slide from right-to-left you will see the options page. In the top right corner of the options page is a button which will show a full-screen view of the paper tape.

Where are the brackets?
Paper Calc was designed as a simple chain calculator for short calculations. For example: What is the sin of 45 degrees? What was my gas mileage (330 miles / 19.2 gals). It was also designed to give an exact history of what was calculated in the past. For people who need this simplicity, brackets are actually a hindrance.

How do I use the percent (%) key?
There are two ways to use the % key:
  1. Obtain the % of a number:
    - Press '200 % 5 ='
    - Answer will be '10'
    - PaperCalc took 5% of 200.
  2. The % of a number is used in the operation on the number:
    - Press: '200 - 5 % ='
    - Answer will be '190'
    - PaperCalc subtracted 5% of 200 from 200

What are the three display formats for?
People doing general math want as many decimal places as possible (float), Someone doing monetary math wants a fixed number of decimal places (fix.n), and an engineer generally wants a power that is a multiple of 3 (eng^3). Easily access the three different formats by pressing the display format key on the main keypad.

How do I make my keys larger?
Paper Calc has a very powerful feature for sizing your keys to your needs. Just touch the calculator's LCD display and move it up or down to re-size the keys.

I see a button for printing, but it doesn't seem to work.
Paper Calc supports AirPrint which allows an iOS device to print directly to a printer. The printer must be a wireless printer on the same local network as your iOS device. Also, the wireless printer must be an AirPrint printer. For example HP's printer use the term 'ePrint capable'.

I have a great suggestion. Should I send it?
Absolutely. We want to hear as many thoughts, suggestions, corrections as possible. We will respond almost immediately. You can send an email by clicking here: Email Support.