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Basic Troubleshooting

Try following these steps if you are having a problem with one of Interlocken's Mobile Applications:

  1. View the App Video
    Each App Video can be found near the top of its product page.
  2. Restart your device.
    Many issues can often be resolved with this simple step.
  3. Re-download the App. from the App. Store.
    You will not be charged for re-downloads once you have purchased the App.
  4. Email us at: Email Support
    We will respond within 24 hours.



What is the difference between a Fair Share & Even Split Tip Calculator?
A fair share calculator means each person only pays his fair share of the meal according to what he purchased. Also, tax and tip are paid fairly as well. An even split calculator calculates an exactly equal amount to split no matter what each person ordered.

I selected Fare Share when I started the app - now what?
One of the nice things about Fare Share Tip Calc are its prompts at the top of the screen. The 1st prompt will say 'Enter a name, then press 'Next''. As soon as you hit 'Next', prompts will change to tell you what to do next.

Two of my friends split a meal - how do I deal with that?
Fare Share Tip Calculator provides a simple 4-function calculator for every person. When the right-side 'meal cost' field is active, just press 'calculator', enter the meal and '/2' (divide-by-2) for each person. Tax, and tip amount will also be taken care of correctly.

What is the 'Round' checkmark for?
Fare Share Tip Calculator is pretty smart about rounding and so normally rounding is turned on. Some people will pay a few cents more, and some a little less, but overall there is a convenience in rounding to the nearest 10, 25 or 50 cents.

How do I photograph and email the meal?

Press the bottom tab called 'Email'. If your device is camera enabled, two top tab bars (email/photo) will be displayed. Press 'Photo' to take a photo of the party goers or the receipt. Press the email symbol to send the entire record with the photo to whoever you want.

If your device is not camera enabled, only the email tab will be available at the top.

Can I save a record of the meal?
Absolutely. Touch the bottom tab called 'TipCalc', then touch the top green tab labeled 'File'. You can save, rename, & open meals (with photos)

I have a great suggestion. Should I send it?
Absolutely. We want to hear as many thoughts, suggestions, corrections as possible. We will respond almost immediately. You can send an email by clicking here: Email Support.